Friday, May 4, 2012

Very Greatful

After a lengthy discussion with a wonderful woman I have decided that I only need positivity in my life. No negativity. This journey is one that I thought would never hit another speed bump.Over the past five days I have come to realize that this is only the beginning.I've had more scary words & phrases tossed around in the past four days than in the past 4 years.

Yes it is scary. Yes I hate the idea of not knowing,but will I dwell on it? No,I will do my very best not to. Dwelling on it causes more stress and my body hates stress. Patience has never been my strongest strength but seeing as we won't know anything more until that CT is done. Then I can have another freak out.

No one wants to hear the words Heart Failure but the good thing is that my new adult cardiologist is staying on top of it. He's running the tests to see if in fact I am in heart failure and if I am how severe it is.Right now the only symptom I am having is fatigue.

Today the results from my bloodwork came in the mail and I was relieved to see that overall they looked good. I was mostly concerned about my liver & kidney numbers but those came back within normal range. The only number that was off was my BNP. This is apparently one of the tests done to detect heart failure. The BNP was elevated,but not extremely high which suggests to me that if I am in heart failure,I am in the very early stages of it.

So I am going to try not to worry until the CT is done and the results are in.

Thank you to everyone who has offered to listen to me vent,offered to bring me cookies and offered to come down to see me.

For right now life is on pause...


  1. Thank you for sharing such acts of strength!!!...Your blog will be inspirational to all who read it!!!...☺♥☺♥☺..May Gods eyes look for you through this time, his ears be your guidance..& his word your voice!!!...Amen!!

  2. I'm glad you are finding strength in this super rough time in your life, Alexia!!! Keep your chin up.

    Xoxoxoxoxo Ashlea

  3. You are so allowed to freak out! I hope you find the answers you need. I'm here for you! Xoxo