Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Well my CT results are in and the good news is that I am not in Left Sided Heart Failure and my EF is 48% Bad news is that I have 2 aneurysms.One is 3.2 cm & the second one is 2cm.Right now they will just keep a very careful eye on them. They won't repair them until they get to about 5.5cm. My conduit looks good as well (another yay) So no surgeries in the near future!

But what I really want to talk about is the subject of interrogation. I have the utmost faith and confidence in my medical team and if they didn't think something was in my best interests then it wouldn't be done.They plan to keep a close eye on the aneurysms by yearly CT. Having someone question that decision today pissed me off.Of course we discussed the risks and benefits and my cardiologist and myself both agreed that the benefits of yearly CT scans FAR outweighed the risks that come along with radiation.

I never would have agreed to something like this unless I understood the risks and to say otherwise is a slam against my intelligence.Exchanging information is one thing but to immediately start questioning the decisions I made with MY medical team makes me livid.

So parents remember that the Adult CHDers that you know or are getting to know are likely just beginning to take over their own care and they need compassion,not interrogation.Adult CHDers,remember to be kind to one another.Some of us are still learning certain things and MANY of us like our cardio team and have faith in them and the decisions that are made jointly.

Everyone is different.Every person.Every cardiology team.Every CHD and every plan.

Remember to respect one another.

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