Friday, December 21, 2012


Lots of stuff has happened since the last time I blogged, so lets just start at the beginning or in other words,where I left off last time.

Well I went in to see my PCP to have the wrist checked out.She was sure that it was a cyst but she was reluctant to do anything about it. If she drained it,the "shell" would still remain and it would likely return.If it was removed it could still come back. So she sent me to a hand surgeon who actually doubled as a plastic surgeon.

That appointment was very quick. He came in to the exam room,examined the wrist and determined that it was too small to do anything.Plus with my medical history he was reluctant to do anything that could compromise my health further. So he told me to keep it wrapped up and come back in 2 months if it hasn't gone away yet. I have another appointment with him at the end of January. The cyst is still present,roughly the same size and still causes discomfort.

Next came the Electrophysiology appointment. First impression was that he was SUPER smart and not unattractive either. He immediately began discussing the possibility of a catheter ablation to attempt to cure the Afib.I told him that I wanted to go home,talk to my family and research the procedure throughly. So I made an appointment for 12/20,which of course was yesterday.

So yesterday I brought along my mom & grandmother so they could meet the new guy.He explained the catheter ablation procedure more throughly. He answered many questions.He even explained that I was in 1st degree heart block as well as the fact that I had a majorly screwy conduction system. This is why I cannot take any other medication-because it wouldn't work properly.

He also said that according to my records I had had Atrial flutter in the past but he had seen none of that in my EKG's,either past or present. He also said that the Atrial Flutter ablation is simpler but carries with it a 10-15% chance that I'll need a pacemaker sooner.He also said that in the next 5-15 years I'll be facing a pacemaker anyway but because of my age,he wanted to prolong that as long as possible.

After he was done talking I told him that I had made a decision and I wanted to go for the Afib ablation. So I went to speak to his scheduling nurse and she got me on the schedule for February 11th, 2013.I'll need a few sets of bloodwork (including a pregnancy test) & a CT scan first and those will be completed by mid January.

So I'll keep you updated on everything that goes on in the next 5-6 weeks!