Saturday, May 12, 2012

CT Day

A big thank you to my family for their support before and after the procedure.

I got to the hospital before 9am and by the time it was 9:30am, I was taken back to the scanner. Then the apprehension came in because they were ready to put in an IV. Thank God I had 2 really good nurses & a really attractive male radiologist. All three of them decided together which vein would be the easiest to try and get an IV going. And I was only stuck once! Got the IV on the first try and it flushed perfectly. 

Then they couldn't get the heart rate to slow down enough (they want it around 60 for the best pictures) So they gave me a half a dose of Metoprolol to slow it down and that still wasn't helping so one of the nurses gave me another half and we waited. Finally it worked and the radiologist injected the dye. Oh God I hate that feeling. I felt so ubearably hot for about 10 seconds and I had a metallic taste in my mouth. 5 minutes later the scan was done and I could sit up. 

Then the nurse took my blood pressure and it was garbage. It had dropped down so low because of the Metoprolol that I couldn't leave until it was stable again. It took an hour for it to stabilize and I was getting a saline bolus to stabilize it because the nurse suspected that I was dehydrated. I was sent home with a promise to check my BP every hour with my home monitor and to go to the ER if the BP dipped below 80. 

I got a Starbucks & LaBou after because I was starving and I had a headache and was super lightheaded. SO glad it's over though.

I am really looking forward to seeing & hearing about the results from Cardio.

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