Monday, April 30, 2012

Not what I expected...

Today did not go how I expected it to go at all. I had mild anxiety over the cardiology appointment that was scheduled for today but I was SO used to hearing "You look good.See you in six months" Words that my pediatric cardiologist uttered every six months. Even so I brought a notebook full of questions to ask my cardiologist. Only 2 of them got asked because we spent most of our time going over exactly what the echo showed him.

The first thing he said was that he saw nothing catastrophic. I was glad to hear that but then my mind shifted to "Oh shit he did see some changes!" Then he went on to explain that my left ventricular function has decreased and it's now at 45-48% I have never had good left ventricular function so the fact that it has decreased scares me. I have a call into him to ask what the last percentage was so I can compare the two. He also said that I have right ventricular hypertrophy because the right ventricle is having to overcompensate for the decreased left ventricular function. He also told me that I have a residual VSD that is restrictive. He assured me that was a good thing.

He wants to do a Cardiac CT scan so that he can check on the conduit more fully and also give me a definitive answer on why my blood pressure is so different in each arm (My theory is that the BT shunt is the reason behind that) Right now it's just a lot of guesswork. The good thing is that if necessary I can be put on meds for the Left Ventricle. He does not believe that the tiredness I have been experiencing is cardiac related but we'll know for certain after the Cardiac CT.

I'm scared to death right now. I know a CT scan ISN'T a big deal but I guess I just got complacent and I believed that I was done having issues. Stupid I know. I've been pretty much in shock most of the day and now I am desperately trying to stay calm even though I just want to cry.

Today sucked and it needs to be over :'(