Saturday, March 19, 2011


We don't always agree with each other's opinions,but the most important thing is to remember is we have to respect each other. Over the past 24 hours I have been disrespected frequently and told what to do about this whole situation.I have been told to back down and leave well enough alone but I cannot do that.I will not allow someone to tell me what to do.If I didn't think this was the right thing to do,I sure as hell would not have done it.

I am doing this for the HLHS families.For Survivors and for Angels and some people don't seem to realize that. I got messages and FB posts telling me that I was wasting my time and that I was fighting a losing battle with a network.

Then I had a small circle of heart moms who stood beside me while I stood my ground and fought for what I believed was right.These 5 women were just the women who I have forged a bond with.
-Krystal Van Ryssel
-Stacey Lihn
-Tina Snel
-Stephanie Rastelli
-Zoe Lee
Without these ladies in particular cheering me on I don't want to think about how much worse yesterday could have been.I am so greatful to them. I also recieved support from HLHS moms I have never even met on Facebook.

So even if you do not agree with my decision to go up against the network,please be respectful.

Respect goes a long way.

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