Friday, March 18, 2011


I have been fighting all day to get ABC to see the gross errors that they made last night.I have gotten people angry at me and telling me to leave the hell enough alone and then when people on Private Practice's FB page made stupid statement I was told to let it go. Which I cannot do.All I am trying to do is be the voice of so many HLHSers and I have lost my inspiration to do it because of all the crap I have been through today.

We need more CHD Awareness but last night was not the way to go. Sure it was only a show but as a medical show you have to be accurate. You have to make sure that you get things right. Last night was a travesty.

I don't want to fight anymore. I can't fight for the kids if I am getting flack for it. I will be standing my ground on this issue,but I am angry and disappointed that people have doubted my choices and decisions all day. It's hurtful and after today I suppose I know who my real friends are.


  1. Destiny and all the other HLHS babies stand by you, as do I. Thank you for speaking out, and for giving me the chance to do it as well. I don't watch Private Practice, if it weren't for you saying something I would never have known they were spreading false information, and wouldn't have had a chance to speak my mind as well. I stand beside you, even when others don't.

  2. Honey I don't doubt your choices or decision ... in fact I think it's wonderful ... but I personally feel it's a big waste of time ... I know for a fact I caught flack for feeling the opposite way because I took drama, etc and know it was a way to "kill" the character off and I know we wouldn't be reacting this way if it was a gunshot or car accident ... the thing is we don't get much media coverage but I'm afraid if we are so "gunhoe" about being accurate 100% of the time people are going to say "Screw it we didn't do movies, shows, documentaries for 50 years and why start now if they watch to bitch about it!" That is why I'm against reaching out ... I personally am just happy to see us mentioned and let's face it ... this is a terminal illness ... in 100% of the cases ... it doesn't mean we are all going to die early but one day this will undercut our life and take it ... whether it be by heart attack, sudden death, stomach cancer from all the drugs, cancer from the radiation from X-rays, blood clots, etc ... we are going to lose one day to CHD ... that is why we fight but we have to fight the people who help us ... do you know how many times I've watched ER and caught things wrong ... or watched Grey's and been like "YEAH RIGHT" ... I mean that bomb episode was one of them yeah like you could really switch fingers quick enough for the thing to not explode ... it's TV ... they don't portray everything correctly either so we aren't singled out or anything ... just know I love you and I'm proud of you for doing this ... I just hope you get your pencil and paper ready to write to Senators, Medical Personal, Psychologists to get more education and research about CHD out there too <3