Thursday, June 7, 2012

An Aunt's Fear

When I first learned that my half sister was expecting I was thrilled.Our half brother had recently welcomed a son and I was so glad to know that our extended family was getting even bigger.I hounded her and hounded her to talk to her OB about my heart history and to keep a close eye on the heart.When she went to into labor at 32 weeks I was sick to my stomach.I spent much of that time crying.I was scared and not being able to be there with her only made it worse.She miraculously kept my niece safe inside of her for six more weeks. Lillian Renay was born at 5:25 am on March 30th.I was relieved to know that my new niece was healthy.

During the first two and a half months of her life,she had had a lot of GI concerns.I wasn't scared until I saw today's picture.She's back in the hospital.My sister is scared and she needs answers. Right now doctors only think they know what's happening. Nothing is definite yet.Again,I'm scared and not being able to be with my sister is awful.My whole heart is with them right now.I need answers too.Not as much as my sister does but I am one scared aunt here.

I think it's probably a good thing that I am not there with my sister and the baby.I would be hounding the doctors.They would probably run far away from me.

Please pray for some definite answers for my sister and her baby.Whatever it is,I will be there in spirit when I can't be there in person.When I can be there in person,I will be.

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  1. How scary!! I hope and pray they find an answer soon. HUGS!!!!