Saturday, January 7, 2012

A rough start to the new year

2011 was a year of changes and adjustments. New house,new friendships and most of all new oppurtunities. What I didn't expect was 2012 to start off with a bang.

My mother had been offered a job that she desperately needed and on New Years Day she found out that the job had to be eliminated to save someone else's job. So my mom is back to the drawing board in terms of finding a job.Of course it is difficult because the job market is so crappy right now.
 She's cranking out those resumes and doing everything she possibly can to make sure that she gets interviews.

Then on Friday morning my mother woke me up at about 9ish and informed me that my uncle (who I am incredibly close to) had been robbed at gunpoint while at work the night before (Thursday) He's all right physically,but emotionally he's still a mess. The dr has diagnosed him with PTSD and he goes in to see his dr again on Monday.

The relationship I have with my uncle is a very close one. He's the one who stayed nights with me at the hospital so that my mom and grandma could get some rest. He is the only man that has been there for me through everything. He and I are very much the same in a lot of ways and I know that his family means everything to him.

We went out to dinner last night for my grandma's husband's birthday but I could tell that everyone's minds were elsewhere. It just didn't feel right to me to celebrate a birthday with everything else that had gone on.

The only good thing about this year so far is that my kitten Prince was tested for Feline Leukemia for a 3rd time at the vet's yesterday and it came back negative. We were thrilled and we were told that they'd never have to run that test again.

2012 can only improve from here....right?

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  1. Your blog looks great!! I'm so very sorry to hear about your mom and uncle struggle like this. Boy do I know how your mom feels. Her positivity will certainly get her through this. Sometimes it feels like you're hanging barely by a thread- day in and day out looking for work- but it will get better. I'm so sorry your uncle went through that kind of nightmare. I was robbed at gunpoint at 18 while I worked at a gas station. It's terrifying. Thankfully he saw his doctor and can now heal. So happy he made it through with no injuries!! Omg. Praying for you guys!