Friday, November 18, 2011

Wow,it's been too long

Well several things have gone on since I last posted. First things first,I adopted a purebred Bengal kitten from a rescue group. Or what I thought was a rescue group. We were assured that he was 11 weeks old and was in good health and was up to date on his shots...Well that's not true.He had a list of issues when we took him to the vet two days after he came home with us and he was maybe six weeks old. He is doing well now and we are anxiously waiting on the next Feline Leukemia test. He's tested a weak positive the first 2 times.So we are going to do it once more and if it's still a weak positive,we'll treat him as a Leukemic kitten.

Here he was on the first day.

Then in September I went to the 2011 Heart Walk and I got to meet one of the most wonderful ladies in the world. I also got to see an old friend of mine who I haven't seen in a few years.

Katie Davis and I. Her beautiful daughter Olivia passed away this past Easter.She had HLHS.

Jami and myself. Jami is a wonderful friend who I really don't see often enough.

The other bit of news is that I've decided to go into teaching. More specifically I want to teach preschool. One of the best things about that is that I am already very close to being able to apply for my teaching permit. The other awesome thing is that this means no more math! Math is my Achillies heel. I I was a mathmetician I could have gone to med school because all of my other grades hgave always been good.

Hopefully it won't be another 3 months before I update the blog next time.

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