Monday, March 12, 2012

What I have learned in the last 24 hours

Liam is one lucky little baby. He has a mom that fought for her child from the beginning. He has a mom who demanded that the pulse ox test be done and she refused to leave the hospital until the test was done.

Thank God for her determination. She likely saved her baby boy's life.

Yesterday I got word that Liam had been transferred. I was getting conflicting reports so it was about an hour before I was able to verify that yes he had been transferred for two reasons. 1, the small rual hospital he was born at did not feel comfortable in treating his complex case. 2. His mother wanted him at a children's hospital.

They remained in the same state,thankfully and his mother was able to ride with him in the ambulance to the hospital. When they got to the new hospital he was assessed by a pediatric cardiologist who deemed it necessary for him to have his Norwood this morning.

Surgery started shortly after 9am and by 1:30pm Eastern time, Mama was being escorted to the PICU to see Liam. Surgery had gone very well and Liam was doing well. The surgeon was very pleased with how it had gone.

I know many people have asked where he had his surgery/where he is right now,but Mama has not given me that information yet. Her friend says that she is very private.Especially when something serious is going on. So please continue to pray for this sweet baby boy and his Mama.

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