Friday, March 9, 2012

Pulse Ox does save lives

Today was a very humbling day.

Early this afternoon I spoke with a friend and found out that someone we both knew had recently had a baby. Baby Liam was born 2 days ago. He was a healthy size and he was pronounced healthy by the doctors. They were going to be discharged tonight. Then the friend of the new mom told the new mom about the pulse ox test and urged her to have it done before Liam was discharged.

The new mom spoke to her nurse about it and the nurse said that Liam was healthy and he didn't need it, But Mama persisted and spoke to the doctor. The doctor echoed the nurses' statement. Finally after a lot of reluctance from the doctors and nurses,Liam was given the test.

Imagine the surprise when the 02 reading was 83. Liam was immediately taken from Mama's arms. Cardiology was called and after the pediatric cardiologist on call listened to Liam and preformed an echo,it was determined that Liam had HLHS or Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

He will be facing his first of at least 3 surgeries with the first one,the Noorwood, scheduled for Monday.

Without gaining the knowledge from a dear friend of mine, I wouldn't have known to share this information and Liam might have passed and Mama may have had to learn the diagnosis from the coroner.

Thank you Kristine for all you've taught me and all you and Cora continue to teach me.

Cora and I probably saved a life today.

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