Sunday, March 25, 2012

Life Lessons

So yesterday I got a message from someone who at one point I considered to be one of my best friends. About 11 months ago we had a major falling out and we didn't speak for a LONG time. So you can understand my surprise when she messaged me. Honestly I had to sleep on it. I wasn't sure if I was going to respond at all. In the months after our falling out I was so angry at her. Angry that she had caused me to question the reasons that I was in the heart community.

So last night I prayed on it because my head and heart were at war with one another. God pushed me in a direction that I was terrified to go in.

I messaged her this morning and throughout the day we have been exchanging messages. In the last 30 minutes I have sent her a friend request and she has accepted. We both realize and accept that it will take awhile to get our friendship back to what it once was but we are both willing to take the time to fix it.

Sometimes second chances aren't earned but when they are earned,you owe it to yourself and to the ones you've been wronged by to give it a shot.

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