Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CHD Awareness

Since February is finally upon us I will be sharing heart stories with my readers for as long as I have enough stories.Technically CHD Awareness week is the 7th-14th,but I am extending it to include the entire month of February. February is more than just Valentines Day.It's a month that many people in the heart community spend making people more aware of the fact that CHD's occur in 1 in every 100 children. Yet the funding for CHD's is significantly less than the funding for childhood cancers or autism. Now I am not saying that those causes are not worthy of funding, I am merely saying that CHD's need more awareness and they need more funding so that people can take them seriously.

4,000 heart babies will not live to see their first birthday. I know several of those babies myself. Including baby Rowan who was born premature with TOF and PA. He lasted only a few days. While I know his family will not be up to spreading awareness this year,maybe next year they will be ready to join the ranks of all heart parents who continue to fight for awareness for their warriors or angels.

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