Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Robbie's Story

Robbie was conceived 1 month after I lost a child at 18.5 weeks gestation due to incompetent cervix. I had a cerclage at 12 weeks. at 14 weeks, I was funneled to the stitch. I was on bed rest 5.5 months. I went into labor at 25 weeks, which was stopped with drugs. I had shots to mature his lungs and was made aware of the complications that are associated with a birth at 25 weeks. The Dr's said they expected him soon and wanted me prepared because babies are rarely healthy that early. I had gestational diabetes and took insulin. we approached each week as a new developmental goal and the objective was to keep him in as long as possible. I had at home monitoring with a contraction monitor and faxed results twice a day. After many scares, I had the cerclage removed at 36 weeks, and was INDUCED at 40 weeks. He wouldn't come out! He was taken by C-Sec 13 hours later. After his pedi did his first physical, The head of pediatric cardiology came to talk to me. I was devastated as soon as he introduced himself. He looked really worried too. I'll never forget this moment. He said "your son has a very large hole in his heart. 3/4's the size of his heart wall." I thought he was telling me I was going to lose another child. He said we'd wait and see what happened. but, that he would probably need surgery. I was wrecked. So was my husband. We had thought if we'd survived this pregnancy, we'd be in the clear.

We told our family, not exactly telling the seriousness of the situation. our whole family was heartbroken. Shortly after coming home, Robbie went into heart failure. we brought him to the ER, they transferred him to Yale by ambulance. He was given MANY drugs and I was taught how to administer them. we were there a week. His day started at 5 am with his first dose till his last dose at midnight. I slept him in my bed so I could watch him to make sure he kept breathing. He was good about two weeks on the meds.

One day I noticed he'd slept all day(which wasn't so unusual since he was so week. He'd only eaten 2 oz of formula all day and his breathing was weird and he was pulling at the ribs. I rushed him to the pedi, who looked scared and had me take him to the ER, they pushed us right through to NICU. They gave him oxygen, and a feeding tube, and told me to call my priest. We had a baptism for him in the hospital, which I knew was really his last rites incase something went wrong, Robbie was transferred to Yale Children’s Hospital. They remembered us when we got there. Robbie had his surgery July 17th, 2005 at seven weeks old. They found an additional hole in his heart and sewed that when they patched the other hole. I can tell you I have never seen anything as horrible as what Robbie looked like in that bed after the surgery. I was told he would be paralyzed the first night so he wouldn't hurt himself. He did, for just a second open his eyes and smile at me, like to tell me he'd be okay. He was a miracle. truly.

It was a horrible journey, but the reward is someone I could never express in mere words his meaning to me. This child saved my life and restored my faith. 4 days later he was home like nothing happened! He was a whole new kid! He was weak for a long time, but he didn't even have pain meds when he came home! He's amazing. He has had great follow ups since and now only has to be checked every three years! He is a healthy 6 year old now, He plays football and is very smart. He has some other health issues, but nothing we can’t handle. He's still a little small but within healthy limits. He'll need no additional surgeries. I tell him all the time that the Dr's fixed his heart, and he fixed mine. He is my best friend.

Robbie's superhero cape!

An EKG should never be normal for anyone,but for Robbie it is.


                       You would never know Robbie had a heart defect

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