Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby/Child Loss is not a Taboo subject,so stop treating it as such

A dear friend of mine had gone to Hallmark to find a card for a family member who had lost their baby unexpectedly and she was horrified,disgusted and furious. There was practically no cards that adressed the loss of a baby. There was several that addressed the loss of a pet. When she she told me about this, I got angry. I know pets are important parts of people's lives,but to still see baby/child loss as a taboo subject is insane.

My friend inquired as to the whereabouts of the baby/child loss cards and the people who worked there,looked at her like she had three heads.That is unacceptable to her and to me. Child/baby loss is not an easy subject but it's a subject that must be talked about because it's a reality for so many families. Families already feel like an outcast when they lose a child/baby and to have the subject be taboo,just makes it worse for these families.

 The loss of a child is something that so many parents have to experience and for the friends of those people,they feel lost. They try to get a card to send the family,but there are very few options.

There needs to be the same ammount of beautiful cards for child/baby loss as there are for new babies.


  1. I wanted to say that I totally agree! When we lost Destiny though we recieved many nice cards, none of them were for infant loss. So how do we go about making card companies realize this shouldn't be such a taboo subject?

    Ps..the deleted comment was mine, I signed into the wrong account *eye roll*

  2. You said it perfectly. It's not right. We shouldn't have to suffer more while trying to find a way to send one person a little compassion.

  3. I am in total agreement with you. It is so hard to find something meaningful and special when a friend loses their baby or child. Hallmark is located near me...maybe I will start that as my new mission!